Frequently asked questions

Is the hackathon a Team event or Individual?

The hackathon is to be played as an Individual

Is there any group offer?

Yes, we do encourage you to bring your friends along. You can buy 2 tickets at 25 % off or buy 3 tickets at 33 % off

What is the success criterion?

The individual is measured on Profit Maximisation.

Is there a pre-requisite to join the hackathon?


Will I be given training before the hackathon?

Yes, Once you register to the event our team will send across a welcome kit to you. There are trainings and few pratice rounds enabled to get you upto speed

Do I need to pay for the masterclass?

No, these are absolutely free and aimed purely for the benefit of participants

How long does the training take to complete

The training videos typically takes 45 mins to complete. You may then play a practice round or two which should not take more than 30 mins

Will the hackathon be interactive?

Yes, on the day of the hackathon i.e April 17th , participants will need to log into Airmeet. The organisers will be available online to help you out. We also have few social media influencers coming over to interact with the participants. There is a debrief session by Ex- IIMB faculty planned. The link will be sent to you on registrations.

Why do I see different tracks during registration?

Team Bizchamp has thoughtfully segregatted Student, Startup and Business Enthusiasts track to ensure fair competition. The prizes offered are also categorised accordingly.

What if I dont win the hackathon? What's in it for me?

Every participant gets a certificate worth $100 issued by Capsim. Apart from this, team Bizchamp promises a great fun-filled learning experience.