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Your chance to be the
'CEO for a Day' is here !!
Training Workshop , 10th July  2021 @ 7 PM 

Join the Hackathon LIVE  on Knorish Platform

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9:oo am  to  9.30 am

9:30 am  to  11:00 am

11:30 am  to 12:30  pm

12:30 pm  to   1:30 pm

Start the simulation with CAPSIM

  1. Go to,

  2. Click the “Sign In” button at top-right side

  3. Enter your pre-assigned username and password

    1. Username:

    2. Password:

  4. Click on the CapsimCore logo

Participant rules and requirements

  1. This is an all-day event. Please join using a laptop / desktop with steady internet connection. Minimum bandwidth required for the event is 5 MBPS

  2. When prompted please provide your full name and email ID. This information is recorded by BizChamp for attendance purposes only and will not be shared with other third parties.

  3. The competition uses Capsim – which brings to you interactive and immersive simulation technology to help educators engage, assess, and develop learners with real-world experiences

  4. We strongly encourage you to go through the trainings and practice rounds made available to you when you login to

  5.  The Capsim simulation is played over several rounds – 3 preliminary rounds and 2 finale rounds. Each round has a stringent cut off time as mentioned in the Agenda. We will be announcing on the Zoom conference when your submission time is approaching and that you have to submit All Decisions before the cutoff time. The timelines are rigid and cannot be postponed. 

  6. Round decisions are final and as published on the leaderboard

Frequently encountered issues and resolution

1. I cannot login to Capsim / do not remember password / do not remember User ID

Email your Full Name and User ID from the registered email ID to :

2.I have questions about Capsim - screens / concepts / terminology / how-to / what-is / why etc.

Go through the training and demo videos. <>

For more help, email from your registered email ID to with following details:

  • Full Name

  • User ID

  • Phone number

  • Subject should have the Capsim screen name

  • Details of your question - include screenshots

3. How do I access simulation screens?

Click on Simulation link as shown in the snapshot.



4. How to submit decisions?

Click on File -> Save my Decisions -> All Decisions -> Save

Click on Exit to finish submission.







5. I have finished saving in my decisions, what should I do next?

Click on ‘Report’ tab and view the summary report made available to you.

Analyze the report for your company performance.

6. Still have issues? Chat with us

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