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Hey There, I am Namita, Student RVCE. Read my experience with Bizchamp Premier League here!!

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Bizchamp Premier League ! 

I came across Bizchamp when I attended a masterclass organized by them and, I won a golden ticket to participate in the Bizchamp Premier League. Since then, my interactions with the company and the founders have been stellar. Their dedication and passion for Bizchamp is truly inspiring.

Team Bizchamp had various other informational masterclasses that gave us an insight on how to be a CEO and how to navigate the corporate world. They were : ‘Career Goal Setting’ by Dr Ranjani Manian, ‘Funding Options for Entrepreneurs’ by Mrs Manpreet Kaur, ‘Why Work For Startups’ by Mr Vikas Mittal, ‘Corporate Financial Performance’ by Prof Debarati Basu, ‘A Career in Business’ by Aditya Jhunjhunwala and the one masterclass that stuck with me was the one conducted by Mrs. Divya Jaitley on ‘Effective Business Communication’. They also made sure they arranged numerous workshops to reach as many students and give them every advantage they could in the days leading up to the event.

The event on 17th April was engaging, fun-packed and, extremely educational. The event started at 9 a.m. sharp with Mrs. Ranjani KS taking us through the simulations and explaining how to work the basics. At 9:30 a.m. we started with round 1. In parallel on Zoom, team Bizchamp had a lineup of great speakers who kept us captivated throughout the day. We had Prof Ismail Akbani, Mr Vikas Mittal, Dr Murali Nadig and Mrs Priyanka Bharadwaj giving us a plethora of knowledge to take from the event. Mr. Santosh Kumar from BizChamp also shared his experience and journey of being a CEO/Investor. The event concluded with a pleasing beatboxing session by Abhishek Bhaskar and a hilarious standup set by Anmol Garg. The event was conducted so seamlessly I didn't realize the hours go by.

Even though I didn't win Bizchamp Premier League, I am glad I participated and learnt what it takes to run a business in a fun experimental way. I eagerly look forward to taking part in more events arranged by Bizchamp in the future and would urge all my fellow students and friends to join me!!

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